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Welcome to our 'popular' page with links to our most read features and information plus hot topics. Keep checking here to see what's new.

  • Employer's National Insurance contributions - as an employer you are responsible for paying National Insurance (NI) on your employees earnings and collecting their contribution through PAYE. Read our guidance to understand more about this payroll requirement
  • Tax calculators - excellent signposting to a useful range of business income tax calculators, company car tax calculators and other tax calculators
  • Self-assessment tax returns - simple planning and the right advice can make completing your income tax return relatively painless. Read our guidance on the timescales and deadlines, how to complete your return and complications you may face 
  • Selling a business and tax relief options - long term effective tax planning can mean when you come to sell, it's as tax efficient as possible. Our guidance explains your options
  • Tax relief on pension contributions - you can create big savings for your business by making the most of tax relief on pension contributions. This can feel complicated so we've written a straightforward explanation of how to claim relief on employer's and employees contributions