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Tax calculators for businesses

Tax calculators for businesses{{}}

Tax calculators can be a useful tool for businesses when it comes to tax planning and cashflow forecasting. We’ve searched online to bring you links to some of the best available tax calculators for businesses, many have been created by HMRC and other official sources. Choose from our selection of online tax calculators for businesses.

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VAT accounting schemes

VAT accounting schemes{{}}

“VAT accounting schemes can make your life easier, simplifying your VAT accounting and in some cases improve your cashflow”

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Tax investigations

Tax investigations{{}}

“You may find it best to deal with as much as possible in writing, through your accountant, rather than having telephone conversations or unaccompanied meetings with the tax inspector”

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Free Zipcar for Business membership

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Advice for would-be exporters

EU flags puzzle{{}}

Looking to grow your business by expanding into overseas markets? If so, see our guidance for international traders on export VAT and tax responsibilities and international tax planning. You can also find a range of Free Open to Export webinars >>

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