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Start-up tax planning

Start up tax planning{{}}

When you start a new enterprise you must decide on a legal structure for your business. Although there are others, the two most popular options are limited company and sole trader (AKA self-employed). The choice you make can have a large bearing on your future tax bills, because one structure might mean you pay significantly less tax than another.

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Self-employed home expenses

Self-employed home expenses {{}}

"If you operate a business from your home, some of the cost of general household repairs and maintenance is allowable. If a room is used solely for business, redecoration costs are wholly allowable”

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Tax rates and thresholds

Tax rates and thresholds{{}}

We've scoured the web to bring you the most up-to-date information on previous, current and future tax rates and thresholds. 

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Advice for would-be exporters

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Looking to grow your business by expanding into overseas markets? If so, see our guidance for international traders on export VAT and tax responsibilities and international tax planning. You can also find a range of Free Open to Export webinars >>

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