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Are you up to date on new tax rates and thresholds?

Tax rates and tax thresholds{{}}New tax rates and tax thresholds came into force on 6 April 2016 for both businesses and individuals.

The HMRC pages of the GOV.UK website provide details of changes, however we have gathered together all the most useful links you need to know about on one page, from income tax and corporation tax, through to National Insurance, VAT and Capital Gains tax.

Find all the latest information along with links to handy tax calculators on the tax rates and tax thresholds page.

Tax rates and tax thresholds >>

Tax calculators >>

Income tax rates >>


Tax payment problems

Tax payment problems{{}}If you have a tax payment problem, you must take action to deal with it.

The longer you delay dealing with the issue, the worse your situation could get. Late payment penalites and charges can quickly escalate so it is vital to act fast.

Tax payment problems >>

Self-assessment income tax payment problems >>

Self-assessment tax records

Self-assessment tax records{{}}

Keeping sufficient tax records is not only a legal requirement. It also makes it much easier to manage your finances and taxes. Providing your accountant with clear, well-kept tax records will help minimise the fees you are charged for completing your tax return.

Self-assessment tax records >>

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Advice for would-be exporters

EU flags puzzle{{}}

Looking to grow your business by expanding into overseas markets? If so, see our guidance for international traders on export VAT and tax responsibilities and international tax planning. You can also find a range of Free Open to Export webinars >>

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