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Have you signed in yet? New online personal tax accounts

Online personal tax account{{}}By April 2016 all tax payers will be able to manage their tax affairs online using the new HMRC personal tax account.

Through the new account you will be able to view your tax details and make payments at any time, as well as contact HMRC through web chat or a virtual assistant.

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Export VAT and tax

Export VAT and tax{{}}

The amount of export VAT on sales you pay is determined by whether you are selling to customers within the EU or not. Although no other export taxes are charged in the UK, you may have to deal with import taxes overseas.

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Self-assessment tax records

Self-assessment tax records{{}}

Keeping sufficient tax records is not only a legal requirement. It also makes it much easier to manage your finances and taxes. Providing your accountant with clear, well-kept tax records will help minimise the fees you are charged for completing your tax return.

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Advice for would-be exporters

EU flags puzzle{{}}

Looking to grow your business by expanding into overseas markets? If so, see our guidance for international traders on export VAT and tax responsibilities and international tax planning. You can also find a range of Free Open to Export webinars >>

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