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Are you claiming all your allowable expenses?

Woman running her home business{{}}If you are self employed and work from home there are certain expenses you may be able to claim deductions on for example a proportion of your bills for heating, lighting and power. Knowing these can help you make precious savings when it comes to your tax return. Read about home expenses to claim when you're self employed in our set of FAQs.

Common VAT problems

Common VAT problems{{}}Once you understand the basics, VAT is reasonably straightforward. But there are some areas where it is easy to make mistakes. In this factsheet, we assume you understand the basics and concentrate on some of the more unexpected pitfalls.

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Do you have a second income?

Do you have a second income{{}}If you earn additional income from sources other than through your employer, you may be classed as being both employed and self employed. This video from HM Revenue & Customs explains what you must do if you think you have a second income.

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Search for funding options

Finance Finder{{}}Need business finance? Free, award-winning Finance Finder service from Funding Options. Read more…

Advice for would-be exporters

EU flags puzzle{{}}

Looking to grow your business by expanding into overseas markets? If so, see our guidance for international traders on export VAT and tax responsibilities and international tax planning. You can also find a range of Free Open to Export webinars >>

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